​Assia Shao

Qianhang SHAO is a female filmmaker from China who got her undergraduate degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, majoring in Broadcasting and Movie editing.


In college, Qianhang got chances to develop as a person and filmmaker. The more she knew, the more she saw, the more she believed in that film was the most beautiful language of human beings and the most powerful voice of communication. Based on Qianhang’s personal story, she wrote a short film The Magic Box in college, a story about a little girl tried to steal a glance at television shows from being forbidden to watch any by her parents. It won three national awards, including the Second “Narrative Drama” Prize in Third “Academy Award” of the Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art.


In 2012, Qianhang came to Los Angeles for her Master of Fine Arts degree in SCA film production major. The same year, she gave herself an English name, “Assia”, which means sunrise.

At USC, Assia has been studying storytelling from various perspectives -- producing, cinematography, sound, and much more. But directing and producing is Assia's passion. And obsessed with fantasy and mystery, Assia is eager to share different versions of reality with people.


May 2016, she finished her thesis project, Pearl, a fantasy story about love, control, and loneliness, which won Best of the Festival 2nd Place at 2017 Phoenix Comicon Film Festival, Best Fantasy at 2017 Amsterdam Film Festival, the Jury award for Best College Film at 2017 Oceanside International Film Festival and officially selected in other more than ten film festivals, including The 41st Cleveland International Film Festival and so on. 

After school, Assia works as a freelancer. And she had worked on several featured movies, as director's assistant, including Shanghai Fortress and so on. She keeps herself busy in directing commercials and short movies and writing her own featured movies.